Whatsapp good morning Suvichar in Hindi

Whatsapp good morning Suvichar in Hindi Free Download and messages are a unique way to share your experiences with your relatives or loved ones.

Everyone is waiting for Good morning flower image morning. It is a day that universally makes all of us happy. It is the day when we start our work again from Good morning with beautiful flowers image.

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Whatsapp good morning Suvichar in Hindi Download

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Inspirational good morning images

कुछ कह गए, कुछ सह गए,
कुछ कहते कहते रह गए,
मैं सही, तुम ग़लत के चक्कर में
कितने रिश्ते ढह गए
🙏🏻 सुप्रभात 🙏🏻

kuchh kah gaye, kuchh sah gaye,

kuchh kahate kahate rah gaye,

main sahee, tum galat ke chakkar mein

kitane rishte dhah gae

🙏🏻 suprabhaat 🙏🏻

Some said, some endured,
Kept saying something,
I am right, you are wrong
How many relationships have collapsed
🙏🏻 good morning 🙏🏻

कुछ चीज़ों को ज्यादा देर
‘स्टैंड बाई! मोड पर छोड़ देने पर वो खुद ही
‘ऑफ’ हो जाती हैं…
रिश्ते उनमें सबसे पहले आते हैं
🙏🏻 सुप्रभात 🙏🏻

kuchh cheezon ko jyaada der

staind baee! mod par chhod dene par vo khud hee

oph ho jaatee hain…

rishte unamen sabase pahale aate hain

🙏🏻 suprabhaat 🙏🏻

Some things longer
‘Stand by! He himself on leaving mode
They are ‘off’ …
Relationships come first
🙏🏻 good morning 🙏🏻

Whatsapp good morning Suvichar in Hindi

मौसम की तरह
बदलते रिश्तों का क्या है,
दो-चार महीने में आदतें मिलती हैं, दिल नहीं
🙏🏻 सुप्रभात 🙏🏻

mausam kee tarah

badalate rishton ka kya hai,

do-chaar maheene mein aadaten milatee hain, dil nahin

🙏🏻 suprabhaat 🙏🏻

Like the weather
What about changing relationships,
Habits are found in two to four months, not the heart
🙏🏻 good morning 🙏🏻

4k hd images

Whatsapp good morning Suvichar in Hindi

रिश्ते काँच सरीके होते हैं,
टूट कर बिखर ही जाते हैं..
समेटने की जहमत कौन करे,
अब लोग नया काँच ही ले आते हैं.
🙏🏻 सुप्रभात 🙏🏻

rishte kaanch sareeke hote hain,

toot kar bikhar hee jaate hain..

sametane kee jahamat kaun kare,

ab log naya kaanch hee le aate hain.

🙏🏻 suprabhaat 🙏🏻

Relationships are like glass,
They are broken and scattered ..
Who bothers to crush
Now people bring new glass only.
🙏🏻 good morning 🙏🏻

Whatsapp good morning Suvichar in Hindi

“हुनर” होगा तो दुनिया खुद
कदर करेगी “एड़ियाँ उठाने से किरदार
ऊँचे नही होते..
🙏🏻 सुप्रभात 🙏🏻

“hunar” hoga to duniya khud

kadar karegee “ediyaan uthaane se kiradaar

oonche nahee hote..

🙏🏻 suprabhaat 🙏🏻

If the world itself is “skilled”
Would appreciate “The character with the heels
Are not high
🙏🏻 good morning 🙏🏻

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